Usage License

Below are the various licenses we have available for our software & projects.

Free License

All free software released by us are under the GPL v3 and can be used, reused, and distributed as long as the original author information is unchanged.

Commercial License

All our commercial software have a One Time Usage license.

Developer License

This license allows you to include our software with your setup for others (your clients) to use as needed. This will include updates and support for 1 month. Future updates or support will be subjected to a maintenance fee. There is no limit to the number of times you can install our software on each domain, as long as you are installing for your clients. Although you can install the software to an unlimited number of domains, you are not allowed to rebrand our software and sell it as your own.

Custom Project License

All custom projects are charged per-job. Equotix retains the rights to all custom project and may resell it at will unless an agreement was made. For a quote on a custom project, please contact us.

Distributor License

This license allows you to distribute our software as part of your commercial product for sale. For example, if you are a theme developer, and would like to include our software for sale with your theme, this is the license you will need. This license will include support and updates for 1 month. No part of our software should be reproduced and sold separately from the agreed source of distribution.